SHRUM Grow Kit – All in One Psilocybin Grow Bag

Make no mistake…… this Shrum Grow Kit is a turning point.

No tubs. No tents. No dedicated grow clean space.

No mycology experience needed.

Mycology is hard and unforgiving. The challenge of growing magic mushrooms is the extreme sterility game.

Sterility is warfare against a microscopic enemy you can’t see.

Meet Shrüm TM All-In-One Psilocybin Grow Bag: your fortress against bacteria and mold, with new unique filter strip technology to provide better airflow, letting your mushrooms breathe

You shouldn’t have to waste hours studying.

Endure countless inevitable failures growing bacteria and mold.

And pull your hair out trying to sterilize grain in a pressure cooker and deal with the messy

nightmare of mixing soil…… all to enjoy the magical benefits that mushrooms provide.

Go the quick and easy route instead: The Shrum Grow Kit

Now anyone can grow magic mushrooms. It’s as simple as:

• INJECT your spores or liquid culture (not included)

• WAIT until fruits form


Waiting is the hardest part, but you get to experience the miracle of life, from mycelium to

mushrooms, and watch your babies grow!

Our team at Advanced Mycology has done all the hard work to make this the easiest way to grow

your own shrooms.

Each retail box includes:

• Shrüm All-In-One Psilocybin Grow Bag (vacuum sealed to keep fresh)

• Detailed illustrated Instruction Booklet

• Inoculation Data Label

• Alcohol Wipe

• Mylar Storage Bag with Dry Pack to store your dried mushrooms

shrum grow kit
Shrum grow bag

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